Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls: Morocco’s Premier Day Trip

The journey from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls is one of Morocco’s most enchanting and popular tourist routes. The drive offers a delightful experience through the Atlas Mountains, culminating at the spectacular Ouzoud Falls, only a few hours from Marrakech, the bustling heart of Morocco. It’s a straightforward trip for anyone who rents a car, particularly in the summer; however, caution is advised during winter due to potential challenging road conditions. Typically, this excursion begins and ends in Marrakech and is comfortably completed within a day. The first landmark is often the Imi n’Ifri bridge, a natural rock bridge with breathtaking views, followed by the olive groves of Demnate, and finally, the main attraction: Ouzoud Falls.

The drive from Marrakech passes through the town of Azilal and covers approximately 159.2 kilometers or 99 miles to reach Ouzoud Falls, taking in various landscapes along the way.

Ouzoud Falls, MoroccoOuzoud Falls, Morocco

How to Self-Drive from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls?

As tourism in Morocco thrives, the journey to Ouzoud Falls has become a must-do for visitors. In the summer, the route can be bustling with tour buses and rental cars, all heading towards the cascades. The excursions usually start from Marrakech in the morning and align perfectly with meal times at the local restaurants near the falls.

Self-Drive Advantages

If crowds don’t deter you, starting your drive in the morning is ideal; alternatively, an early start around 6 AM is recommended for those who prefer a quieter experience. Each stop, including scenic points and the falls themselves, typically requires 30 to 60 minutes to enjoy. The roads are well-maintained and suitable for all vehicles, providing a comfortable drive during the summer months. Winter travel may present challenges such as closures or slippery conditions, so always check the weather and road conditions before setting out.

Why Drive from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls?

The attractions en route to Ouzoud Falls are more than worth the visit. Along the way, you can see beautiful Berber villages and the stunning Middle Atlas Mountains. Reaching Ouzoud, you’re greeted by Morocco’s highest waterfalls, a breathtaking sight that is captivating year-round, hence the popularity of the destination.

Is the Journey from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls a Loop?

Upon arriving at Ouzoud Falls, you might ponder whether the trip constitutes a loop. After enjoying the waterfalls and perhaps a meal nearby, one option is to return to Marrakech. However, to make it a circular tour, you could explore the alternative routes back, which offer their own delights. For example, after leaving Ouzoud, you might drive through the Ait Bougamez Valley or visit the Bin el Ouidane Dam before heading back to the city, adding to the day’s adventure.

Drive to Beni Mellal

From Ouzoud, one can continue towards Beni Mellal, taking in the serene mountain scenery and possibly spotting local wildlife or nomadic shepherds. This drive is particularly scenic, with the opportunity to view traditional Moroccan rural life.

The Drive Back to Marrakech

Returning to Marrakech after a full day of exploration, the drive allows reflection on the stunning sights and experiences of the day. The trip back might be quieter, providing a perfect time to relax before enjoying the vibrant evening offerings of Marrakech.

My Recommendation for the Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls Drive

Following this route, the total drive amounts to approximately 300 kilometers or 186 miles. Compared to the direct round trip, this longer, more scenic route offers a full day’s exploration, lasting around 9 to 10 hours, with ample opportunities for breaks and enjoying local cuisine.

What More to Do After Visiting Ouzoud Falls?

The journey from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls is a wonderful way to experience some of the most beautiful natural landscapes Morocco has to offer. It is an accessible and rewarding trip for anyone visiting Morocco, whether you’re there for a few days or just a stopover. In addition to the falls, you could extend your trip into the Atlas Mountains or visit the historical Ait Benhaddou on your return to Marrakech.

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