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Explore the landmarks of Marrakech, bask in the sunshine along the Moroccan coast, and marvel at the kasbahs of the Atlas Mountains—experience the diverse facets of Morocco on our guided journeys.
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Moorish Trips “An Authentic Tourism Organization in Morocco”

Due to the high degree of satisfaction found in our fantastic vacations, which are full of history, wonders, entertainment options, adventures, and more, Moorish Trips have emerged as the top choice for many tourists worldwide. 

Moreover, with over 20 years of experience and a highly qualified staff of operators, tour guides, and drivers who are handpicked by TripAdvisor customers, we are able to create incredible tour itineraries throughout Morocco. 

Consequently, Moorish Trips is the ultimate key to the best adventure and the finest breath of fresh air. Furthermore, we will fulfill every want and prayer with our range of Morocco tours, which include solo tours, group tours with your family and friends, tailored best tours, and even specifically top day trips.

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Morocco Tours

Whether you’re wandering through the bustling streets of Marrakech, next admiring the intricate Islamic architecture in Fez, or finally standing in awe of the majestic Sahara Desert, you’ll discover that ancient history comes alive on tours to Morocco.

Marrakech Tours

Discover the history, culture, and beauty of Marrakech! You’ll experience it all, from the enchanting museums and vibrant markets in the Medina to traditional Riads and mesmerizing gardens.

Casablanca Tours

Step into a world where modernity meets tradition in the heart of Morocco. Stroll along the bustling Corniche that overlooks the Atlantic, immerse yourself in the vibrant streets of Casablanca, and experience the charm of Moroccan hospitality.

Fes Tours

Discover the culture, history, and beauty of Fes. Wander through the ancient Medina, learn about the city’s centuries-old craft traditions, or explore the vast libraries and madrasas that house a wealth of Islamic knowledge on guided tours of this Moroccan gem.

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Experience Nature Up Close for Real Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Camel Riding in the Sahara Desert

Camel Riding in the Sahara Desert

Sandboarding in the Dunes of Merzouga

Sandboarding in the Dunes of Merzouga

Hot air balloon rides in Marrakech

Hot air balloon rides in Marrakech

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Moorish Trips has been working as a professional travel company in Morocco for many years with many travelers and adventurers around the world. And you can definitely trust and depend on us.

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We have a team of the most qualified tour operators in Morocco and staff who will be by your side. And in your assistance 24/24 7/7.

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We offer a variety of excursions, a variety of day trips and packages around Morocco. Of course, all just for the satisfaction of our guests.

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You can book any excursion you like as fast as possible. And we will be at your service to answer any request or question.

Value for Money

Enjoy our experience at reasonable value price and a very amazing services.

What travelers say about their experiences with Moorish Trips

Amazing Trip!

The trip was a wonderful experience and we were able to immerse ourselves in Moroccan culture with the locals with the help of our guide Hassan. I definitely recommend taking a trip with MT.


Amazing Morocco

Grand tour of Morocco was great! 3000 years of history in 15 days.

George T.

Wonderful tour of Marrakech, Sahara Desert, and Casablanca!

Our journey offered a splendid overview of Morocco's finest, from Marrakech to the Sahara, and Casablanca. Our guide, Samir, was exceptionally warm, attentive, and brimming with insights. He made every moment memorable for our group, which was made up of several newcomers to Morocco. Together, we savored the essence of this country.


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