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Step into a world where modernity meets tradition in the heart of Morocco. Stroll along the bustling Corniche that overlooks the Atlantic, immerse yourself in the vibrant streets of Casablanca, and experience the charm of Moroccan hospitality.

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What to know before you go

Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco, is home to over 3,36 million people. This bustling metropolis is a blend of historic charm and modern convenience, showcasing the vibrant culture of Morocco.

While Casablanca is not the capital of Morocco—that honor goes to Rabat—it is the economic and business heart of the country. The city is renowned for its historic architecture, including the blend of Moorish style and European art deco.


Casablanca’s residents are known for their hospitality and open-heartedness. It’s common to be invited for a traditional mint tea or to share a meal, reflecting the rich social fabric of Moroccan culture.


Explore the mesmerizing blend of Moroccan and French colonial legacy, vibrant markets, stunning mosques, and the city’s beautiful coastline. Casablanca is a gateway to both traditional Moroccan life and the country’s contemporary pulse.


The majestic Hassan II Mosque, with its breathtaking architecture, is a must-see. Visit the bustling markets of the Habous Quarter for traditional Moroccan goods. The Corniche area offers a scenic walk along the Atlantic shore, and the Royal Palace of Casablanca provides a glimpse into the city’s royal past. Don’t miss the Art Deco buildings in the city center, showcasing Casablanca’s unique architectural blend.


Casablanca is a melting pot of cultures, evident in its culinary scene, which ranges from traditional Moroccan dishes to international cuisines. The city’s cafes and bakeries reflect a French influence, while local seafood and Moroccan spices offer a taste of the coastal lifestyle.


Enjoy the city’s nightlife, from traditional Moroccan music performances to modern nightclubs. Explore the surrounding areas, including the picturesque town of Azemmour or the coastal city of El Jadida, for a glimpse into the region’s history and natural beauty.

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