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A journey to Morocco will captivate your senses and ignite your curiosity. This country is a tapestry of enchanting contrasts, blending vibrant modernity with a rich historical heritage. Embarking on a personalized guided tour of Morocco, you will uncover a deep connection to the local cultures and traditions, guided by our carefully selected local experts.

Whether you wish to wander through the bustling streets of Marrakech, delve into the labyrinthine alleys of Fez's ancient medina, or experience the serene beauty of the Sahara Desert, our Destination Experts will utilize their firsthand knowledge and expertise to curate a tailor-made trip to Morocco. Every detail of your journey will be meticulously planned, ensuring seamless navigation through the country's diverse landscapes, while our dedicated on-the-ground support guarantees that no aspect is overlooked.

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Discovering the Wonders of Morocco

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Morocco, a land of contrasts and diversity, beckons travelers with its vibrant markets, ancient medinas, majestic mountains, and stunning coastline. Let's delve into the highlights that make our Morocco tours truly exceptional:

Imperial Cities: Timeless Treasures

Step into the heart of history as you explore Morocco's imperial cities: Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, and Meknes. Marvel at the intricate architecture of the Bahia Palace, get lost in the labyrinthine alleyways of the medinas, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Jemaa el-Fna square. Each city tells a unique story and offers a captivating glimpse into the country's rich heritage.

Sahara Desert: A Desert Dream

Embark on an unforgettable desert adventure as you venture into the vast expanse of the Sahara. Ride a camel across towering sand dunes, witness breathtaking sunsets over the golden landscape, and spend a magical night under the starlit sky in a traditional Berber camp. The Sahara experience is an absolute must for those seeking an otherworldly encounter.

Atlas Mountains: Majestic Peaks

Prepare to be awestruck by the majestic Atlas Mountains, an impressive range that stretches across Morocco. From the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas to the lush valleys and traditional Berber villages, this natural wonder offers endless opportunities for hiking, trekking, and discovering the region's unique flora and fauna.

Coastal Charms: Seaside Delights

Morocco's coastline presents a captivating mix of sandy beaches, charming fishing villages, and vibrant port cities. From the blue-washed town of Chefchaouen to the picturesque Essaouira, you can soak up the sun, indulge in delicious seafood, and explore the maritime history and cultural heritage that dot the Atlantic and Mediterranean shores.

Berber Culture: Warm Hospitality

Experience the warmth and hospitality of Morocco's Berber people, who have preserved their traditions and way of life for centuries. Connect with the locals in the remote villages of the Atlas Mountains, partake in traditional ceremonies, and savor the authentic flavors of Berber cuisine. It's an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Morocco's cultural tapestry.

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Featured Morocco Private Tours

Morocco Trips Highlights

  • Get breathtaking views as your motorcoach driver takes you around beautiful Morocco.
  • Discover Casablanca and stop at the Hassan 2 Mosque.
  • Sample local Moroccan food and have your fill of the tea.
  • Visit Oudaya Kasbah and Mausoleum Hassan 2 in Rabat.
  • Explore educative city of Morocco and visit Fes old Medina monuments.
  • See Moulay Driss Zrhoun.
  • Visit famous cities like Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Marrakech, and more.
  • Fall in love with Volubilis the ancient Roman ruins.
  • Discover Meknes with its beautiful gate of Bab El Mansour.
  • see the Cedar forest of Azrou.
  • Visit Ifran, the small Switzerland of Morocco.
  • See Midelt, apple town of Morocco.
  • See Errachidia the gate of Moroccan desert.
  • set off to Ziz valley.
  • Explore Erfoud & Rissani (cities of dates).
  • Get inspired at panoramic aspects of Merzouga.
  • Enjoy different sceneries of Erg Chebbi area.
  • Visit the Hercules Caves.
  • 4WD exploration tour around Erg Chebbi Sahara.
  • Discover the land of Berber Nomads and find out about the Nomadic lifestyle.
  • Experience Camel trekking.
  • Enjoy spectacular scenery at the Cap Spartel , once known as the "Cape of the Vines".
  • Experience Sandboarding acitivity.
  • Enjoy the Campfire.
  • Explore the city of Chefchaouen.
  • Spend a spectacular night at a luxury camp (private tent with all comforts of home).
  • Free time to hike in Todra gorges.
  • Set off to Dades Valley.
  • Visit Roses Valley (Kalaat Megouna).
  • Explore Ouarzazate Hollywood of Africa.
  • Visit the world heritage site of Ait Benahddou Kasbah.
  • Discover Berbere villages.
  • Discover Taroudan the gate to the coastal city of Agadir.
  • Explore Taliouin the town of Saffron.
  • Visit the brand mark of Sous Agadir.
  • Find out Essaouira the island of Mogador.
  • Spectacular views of the Middle and High Atlas Mountains.
  • Enjoy Marrakech by Visiting koutoubia and Jamaa El-fena.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the Rif mountains.

Top Sights In Morocco

Based on traveler visits and local insights
Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa is a square and market place in Marrakesh's medina quarter. It remains the main square of Marrakesh, used by locals and tourists. Wikipedia
Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle-Yves Saint Laurent Mansion

The Majorelle Garden is a one-hectare botanical garden and artist's landscape garden in Marrakech, Morocco. It was created by the French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle over almost forty years, starting in 1923, and features a Cubist villa designed by the French architect, Paul Sinoir in the 1930s. The property was the residence of the artist and his wife from 1923 until their divorce in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the property was purchased by the fashion designers, Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé who worked to restore it. Today, the garden and villa complex is open to the public. The villa houses the Berber Museum and in 2017 the Yves Saint Laurent Museum opened nearby. Wikipedia
Mamounia Hotel

Mamounia Hotel

La Mamounia is a five-star hotel in Marrakech, Morocco, opposite the Kutubiyya Mosque. It is one of The Leading Hotels of the World. For several years; Condé Nast Traveler has named La Mamounia as the best hotel in the world. "Mamunia" means "safe haven" in the Arabic language. The hotel has 135 rooms, 71 suites, and 3 riads for rent. The riads each have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, salons, private swimming pools and terraces; and 24-hour butler service. Deluxe rooms have balconies, some of which overlook the gardens which include 700 orange trees and 5,000 rose bushes. The mattresses are from Sealy Corporation. The hotel also includes colonnaded courtyards, mosaic-tiled reflecting pools; including an 800-square-meter pool inspired by Menara gardens, and a 2,500-square-meter spa with three hammams; 10 wellness rooms, a hairdressing salon, manicure and pedicure cabins, an indoor heated pool, a jacuzzi, and a health club in a glass cube equipped with Life Fitness machines. It has signature restaurants by chefs Pierre Hermé and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The wine cellar holds more than 3,500 bottles of wine. Wikipedia
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Moorish Trips has been working as a professional travel company in Morocco for many years with many travelers and adventurers around the world. And you can definitely trust and depend on us.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We have a team of the most qualified tour operators in Morocco and staff who will be by your side. And in your assistance 24/24 7/7.

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Variety of Tours

We offer a variety of excursions, a variety of day trips and packages around Morocco. Of course, all just for the satisfaction of our guests.

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Fast Booking

You can book any excursion you like as fast as possible. And we will be at your service to answer any request or question.

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Value for Money

Enjoy our experience at reasonable value price and a very amazing services.

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Morocco Tours Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top Morocco Itinerary can I experience?

You want to enjoy Morocco Itinerary at a very affordable and reasonably valued price, you are in the right place, Moorish Trips offers you selected Morocco Itinerary. For example, 6 days Morocco Itinerary to Marrakech, Ouarzazat, Zagora and Merzouga, 8 days Morocco Itinerary to Casablanca, Marrakech, Boumalne Dades and Merzouga.

In addition, 9 days Morocco Itinerary to Fes, Ifrane, Azro and Merzouga, 10 days Morocco Itinerary to Casablanca, Marrakech, Merzouga Desert and Fes.

What's the average cost of Morocco Itinerary?

There are different Morocco Itinerary with different prices, depending on number of travelers, number of days, tour type either luxury or budget. In other words, the budget of Morocco Itinerary can start from €290.

What's The best time to travel to Morocco?

In truth, if you are looking for the ideal period to be in Morocco then the period from September to June is the ideal time to be in Morocco.

What are the top Morocco's activities highly recommended?

Capture lifetime memories through the best activities that Morocco offers. For example, sandboarding, camel trek,excursions, ballooning flight, spa and hammam, guided tour, swimming, climbing, paragliding, hiking, shopping and much more.

What are the popular tourist destinations in Morocco?

Morocco contains many stunning places that attract local and foreign tourist such as the beautiful Atlas Mountains, Erg Chebbi Sahara Desert, old defense walls of Mogador, Ifrane "Morocco's small switzerland", Ouarzazate "Hollywood of Africa".

Furthermore, the world heritage site of Ait Benhaddou Kasbah. The imperial cities such as Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Marrakech, Chefchaouen "the blue city". And Casablanca "the economic capital city".

Moreover, Midelt "the Apple town", Asilah "city of Arts", Tangier "Bride of the north", Ouzoud waterfalls, Imlil valley, Ourika valley, Rose valley, Boumalne dades river, Todgha gorges and Titouan "the white Dove".

What's the best traditional dishes in Morocco?

Moroccan cuisine is known for its diversity thanks to Morocco's interactions with foreign cultures since ancient times.

Here is a list of the most popular foods in our home country: Tajine, Couscous, Harira, Bastilla, Berber pizza, Bissara, Brochettes, Mint tea, Tanjia etc.

What are the official languages in Morocco?

There are many languages in Morocco. For example, arabic and tamazight, they are the two official languages, most moroccans can speak and understand several foriegn languages such as french and english, they are also widely used in education, commerce, sciences, economics, culture and medicine etc.

Fewer Moroccans can speak italian, chinoise and dutch. Concerning spanish, it's spoken by many Moroccans who live in the northern regions. Particularly, in Tetouan and Tangier.

What's the temperatures like in Morocco?

The temperatures typically vary according to terrains, location and seasons. In other words, in mountainous and coastal areas temperatures are moderate throughout the year and in the Desert regions, the temperature increases during the month of August.

What's the official religion in Morocco?

Islam is the official religion in Morocco.

What's the political system like in Morocco?

The political system in Morocco is a parliamentary monarchy.

Which is the currency of Morocco?

The Moroccan dirham (MAD) is the official currency in Morocco.

Is Morocco safe for tourists?

Morocco is becoming an increasingly famous tourist destination that is highly recommended due to its security and stability.

What Airlines fly to Morocco?

The Airlines flying to Morocco for example: Air France (AF), Royal Air Maroc (AT), British Airways (BA), Iberia (IB), Qatar Airways (QR), Emirates (EK), Ryanair (FR), Etihad Airways (EY), Air Canada (AC), Eurowings (EW), Austrian Airlines (OS) and Swiss International Air Lines (Lx).

What' are the top sports in Morocco?

The most popular sports in the kingdom of Morocco are Football, Boxing, Surfing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Horseback Riding, Trekking, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Paragliding for examlpe.

Where is Morocco located?

Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa, bordered by the mediterranean sea in the North, atlantic ocean in the west. Moreover, Algeria in the East and Mauritania in the south.

What's the Moroccan capital?

Rabat is the official capital city of the kingdom.

What's the Imperial cities in Morocco?

The imperial cities here in Morocco are four: Rabat, Marrakech, Fes and Meknes.

When did Morocco get independence?

Morocco got the independence from french in 5 November 1955.

What's the economic capital city in Morocco?

The economic capital city of the kingdom is Casablanca.

What's the intellectual capital city in Morocco?

The intellectual capital city of Morocco is Fes.

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